Episode 21, The “You Know This Means We’ll Have to Live Together” Episode

July 3, 2014
Happy Independence Day (for those listening in the US)! What better way to celebrate freedom than a picnic basket auction for charity ;-)

That's right, Scarlet and I are chatting about episodes 13 and 14 on the latest edition of Friday Night Dinner. Jess outbids Dean for Rory's basket (#dirty). Someone gets engaged, and we finally meet Christopher's Sherry. Needless to say, it's an action-packed episode!

Our friend, Jim, joins us as a special guest. Please excuse the background hum of the air conditioner. As we mention on the show, we recorded this episode in a hotel room, and the most convenient place to set up happened to be by the vent. Sorry, guys! We won't forsake air conditioning for sound quality. :-)

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